What is IoT?

The "Internet of Things" is a massive network of devices that connect to the internet and transfer data between each other. Think of wearable health trackers, traffic monitoring systems, climate sensors, and everything conceivable in between. There are currently billions of IoT devices, and that is set to grow exponentially.

Now, imagine having these DEVICES work for you...

Imagine receiving micropayments from IoT devices that you own as they transact valuable information throughout the network. Imagine being...The BOSS of THINGS!

Highly impactful innovations are hard to comprehend early on, but once they have swept over society, we kick ourselves for not jumping on the trend early. We think how profitable we could be if we had paid more attention to the internet in 1999 or invested in Apple 10 years ago or Tesla just one year ago.

Many of us feel like we've missed out on recent booms, but what if I told you there was a new wave coming?... A tidal wave! What if you could be set up to take advantage of the internet's next evolution?

The PEOPLES NETWORK will show you how to position yourself to be the owner of massive amounts of data as well as receive cash flow from it.

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What is the Internet of Things?